Monitor your site, API, servers and applications

  • Convenient Monitoring Dashboard
  • Combine Internal and External Metrics and Statistics
  • Configurable Notifications by E-mail, Push, SMS and Voice
  • API for submitting and retrieving data and reports
  • The Observu monitoring service is Cloud-ready

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Website, API and Server Monitoring Overview

The Observu monitoring dashboard collects measurements on your website, server, API and/or applications and allows you to get notified about the interesting ones.
Measurements that Observu collect can include:

Setting proper alert levels and notifications let you handle events when or even before they occur. Think about being warned before your disk runs out of space. With Push, SMS and Phone notifications, you will never miss another emergency.

Monitoring Dashboard

Easy multiple site and server monitoring dashboard

The dashboard will allow you to check your system state quickly, without having to go through many pages to view each part of your operation individually. This dasbhoard can be shared with multiple users. The dashboard is specifically designed to make dealing with many monitors as easy as possible.

Website and Server Performance Reports

API and Website Availability and Response Time Monitoring

Because measurements can be browsed, graphed and compared, you can discover why problems occur and prevent them in the future.

Additional website, API and server performance reports allow you to view a higher level perspective of your quality and performance characteristics over time. This is an essential step in improving the quality of your service.

Observu Monitoring and Metrics API

You can easily submit your own measurements into the Observu monitoring system using our API. This enables monitoring application specific metrics, straight from your application with a simple HTTP call. Furthermore, both raw and derived data is also available through the API, so you can link it with other systems and reporting tools.

Cloud Monitoring

Monitoring in the cloud has it's own set of challenges. The Observu Monitoring Agent can be configured to automatically add new monitors for new servers, making it suitable for automatically scaling groups of servers. (e.g. on Amazon EC2) Furthermore, it's easy to deploy using configuration management tools such as Opscode Chef. Read more about this in our cloud monitoring case.

Further Information on the Observu Monitoring Platform

Read why Observu is the best alternative for monitoring your websites and servers..

Furthermore, there is in-depth information available in our website and server monitoring whitepaper. Download now:

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Download Observu Monitoring Whitepapers

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For Business Owners

Monitor website uptime and response times as a first step to improve quality of service.

For Admins

Get notified right away or have the server monitoring dashboard open permanently in the background, like you would with your webmail.

For Developers

Use the powers of hindsight to find out what happened. Use the monitoring API to report on your own application metrics and compare them with other server and system statistics.

For Support Staff

With a central place for uptime and event information, it's much easier to respond accurately to customer complaints. Nothing more embarrassing than a client telling you, your (web) service is down or your API is not available.

Observu website and server monitoring plans start at only $6.95 a month. Of course you can try it for free, for 14 days! (No Creditcard Required)

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