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  • Enter your own data through our API
  • View historic data
  • Set up notifications for important thresholds
  • Align custom metrics with site and server performance

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Website and Server Monitoring Beyond Standard Metrics

Response times and server statistics are a very basic representation of your system performance. However, what you are really interested in goes beyond standard metrics.

On a system and application level, most of the time there are way more useful metrics to keep track of that are specific to your system. Think about the length of queues, amount of workers running or the number records processed in the last batch run.

On a business level, using the Observu Monitoring Dashboard you could be tracking the number of tickets in your tracking system, active number of users, order volume, your time to respond or any statistic that you can get out of your system.

Combine Monitoring Information

Custom measurements can be added in several ways:

  • Use regular expressions to scrape data from an URL / Website
  • Write a server agent plugin to collect data from your web server
  • Submit data using our API

Data can be added as another timeseries to existing monitors (URLs / servers ) or you can set up a seperate monitor specifically for your own data needs

Observu supports several shapes and forms of data, beyond basic numbers, you can also collect strings or table-like data over time. All can be visualized in the Observu Webiste and Server Monitoring Dashboard.

Leverage Observu Monitoring Features

What makes Observu great to import your own metrics is that it allows you to keep track of all kinds of numbers over time. This means you only have to determine the statistic at a current point in time and don't worry about storing it or creating complex queries for reporting.

Furthermore, you can set up alerting rules and notifications to keep track when things change beyond limits you expect them to be.

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