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  • No price increase after a year
  • No automatic creditcard charge after your trial ends
  • Checks From All Locations Every Minute

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No Hidden Costs

We believe in transparant pricing, therefore there are no hidden costs and no pricing increases after 6 months or a year. After your trial ends, we do not start charging your creditcard automatically: we leave it up to you to decide.

All monitoring plans include a very fair number of SMS and phone notifications, which will top-up again every month. If you need more notifications than included in your plan, you can buy an additional bundle of SMS notifications.

Surpress False Positives

Because Observu checks your website from all it's monitoring locations, every minute, you will be able to tell almost immediately whether an outage is just a local exception or something that can be confirmed by a majority.

Check website availability from different locations

Observu allows fine-grained and configurable rules when to get notified. For some sites you may want to get notified immediately as soon as a second location confirms the issue, while on others you do not want to be bothered with each network fluke.

Content Checks

The Observu uptime monitor not only checks the basic HTTP response code of your service. It actually makes sure the page loads properly by testing for specific content on the page. This can be a few words of text, but it is also possible to test for complex regular expressions.

Clear reporting on all your data

You can quickly view all monitoring statistics in graphs and overviews. You can filter issue history on all sorts of criteria to learn from the past. Most importantly the Observu dashboard remains usable if you have many monitors. A quick glance is enough to see what requires your attention.

API, website availability monitor summary report

Easy To Extend Your Monitoring Ambition

With Observu you can start with availability monitoring on one URL and slowly extend your practices to include more URLs, your API, your servers and eventually business metrics. All can use the same notifications and reports you already set up earlier.

We Tailor To Your Need

We are developers, there is nothing that we like to do more than make our service work better for you. If you tell us about it, we will make Observu do what you need it to.

Observu website and server monitoring plans start at only $6.95 a month. Of course you can try it for free, for 14 days! (No Creditcard Required)

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