Observu Server Monitoring Dashboard:
Guard Your Server Health

  • Monitor server vitals like CPU, disk and network utilization
  • collect system and error logs
  • view process tables including CPU and memory usage
  • extend with your own server monitoring plugins

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Watch Those System Vitals Of Your Server Remotely

The Observu Server Agent monitors the following out of the box:

  • Detailed server CPU usage (split out for different types, such as system/user/wait/steal)
  • Disk usage, both available space as disk IO
  • Network utilization (number of requests as well as volume)
  • System error logs from the server
  • Any error log you specify
  • Full processlist with process count, CPU and memory usage per process

CPU usage and Server Load Monitoring Graphs
CPU usage and Server Load Monitoring Graphs

These metrics collected on your server are displayed near real-time on your hosted central Observu server monitoring dashboard. You can view metrics from multiple servers side-by-side. Furthermore, because your monitoring data resides on our cloud-based service, you can access error logs and vitals even after a system has become unavailable. All data can be viewed conveniently with our Observu Server Monitoring Service.

Prevent Escalation By Monitoring Your Servers

If a disk is almost full, that is not a problem. However, as soon as it completely full, changes to your database can't be stored, your webserver can't write it's logfiles anymore and bad things start to happen. Acting upon vital server information like disk usage and system load in time are critical in preventing service disruption. The Observu Server agent checks these server metrics. Thanks to the Observu notification service will alert you on time preventing server down time.

Identify Causes of Server Outages

Because server statistics can be easily aligned with external server performance metrics like response time, it is easy to determine what happened on the server at the time of a slow down or outage. The Observu server vitals reporting may show that your server was running 100% CPU or that it was sitting there with no workload at all. Detailed live and or historic server information, captured by the Observu Server Monitoring Agent and displayed on the Observu monitoring dashboard can significantly speed up the identification why a service is not performing as it should.

Side by Side of Server Load and Website Response Time Data

The Observu Server Agent Is Easy To Extend

The Observu Server Monitoring Agent can be easily extended with plugins, to collect performance, error and operational data on other software, your own application or information that is specific to your system or operation. Service and server monitoring data collected from these plugins can be handled in exactly the same way as the build-in metrics: set up event rules, notifications, view monitoring reports, graph metrics and obtain raw historic data.

Flexible Cloud-Ready Architecture

The Observu server monitoring agent submits data from the server to the Observu cloud-based monitoring platform over HTTPS. This means that you do not have to open a port on your server or firewall to remotely view the collected server statistics. Neither do you have to provide your server login credentials to our service.

Multiple servers can share the same API key, this means the Observu Server Monitoring Agent can easily be deployed automatically in situations where new machines are booted up automatically. (e.g. Auto Scaling on Amazon EC2) Read more about this in our cloud monitoring case or the cluster monitoring documentation.

The Linux server monitoring agent is written in Perl and therefore 100% of the code is available for security reviews or customization.

Platform Support

We currently support Linux as a primary target for the agent that collects the data on your server.

Monitoring for Windows servers is available on request, please contact us at sales@observu.com if you need this included in your trial.

The data collection agent will work both on bare servers as well as virtual servers (VPS).


For Business Owners

Having your systems monitored is key in preventing disruption of your business.

For Admins

Get notified right away or have the dashboard open permanently in the background, like you would with your webmail. Servers with problems often are no longer able to send you warning mails, Observu still provides you with critical information even after a server became unavailable.

For Developers

Know about server status in real-time so you are not chasing a ghost.

For Support Staff

With a central place for event information, it's much easier to respond accurately to customer complaints. Nothing more embarrassing than a client telling you, your service is down.

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