Monitoring Dashboard For Many Sites and Servers

Action Focused Dashboard

If you are not dealing with one or two websites you want to monitor, but are managing ten servers with each several URLs that need monitoring, it is easy to get lost in the noise. Observu is designed to help you deal with exactly this situation.

Quick overview to easily manage multiple site and server monitors

The Observu dashboard really starts to show it's strength with 50 or more active site and server monitors.

Prioritizes Your Attention

Observu does not just present you with a fixed list of monitors with statistics, it automatically sorts them to show exactly what needs your attention at this time. This means that if there is anything ongoing right now, that is what you will see. If all is resolved, visual priority will shift to those monitors that have had the most recent issues and may require additional investigation. For example a series of brief outages may not be severe enough to require immediate action, but the dashboard will still clearly distinguish the monitor from others that have had no such issues.

Group Monitors Together

Monitors can easily be grouped together. A group of monitors can than be shared or set to have a different set of notification rules. In this way you can easily distinguish priorities: Observu will call you on your cellphone in the middle of the night if an issue on your most-valued customers production goes unresolved for 5 minutes, but will only send you an e-mail if your internal blog goes down.

See Relations And Error Patterns

By displaying a convenient overview of errors happening on all monitors in the past 24 hours, the dashboard quickly shows relations between errors. Imagine half of your website showing an error around 03:00 am. It will become a very distinguisable pattern on our monitoring dashboard and help you discover the root cause.

Smart Error Notification Grouping

As you are running multiple sites and servers, errors are often related. Observu will combine related notifications and thus significantly reduce the volume of notification e-mails and texts in case disaster strikes. Reducing the volume of notifications greatly improves the chances of the actual important notifications to be taken seriously as soon as they arive.

Multiple Users and Contacts

Having an overview of many sites and servers is especially usefull if you run operations for multiple customers. Read more on how to share information with multiple users.

Observu website and server monitoring plans start at only $6.95 a month. Of course you can try it for free, for 14 days! (No Creditcard Required)

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