Monitoring Dashboard For More Than One User

Grant Access To Important Stakeholders

The Observu Monitoring Dashboard allows you to grant access to those who need it. You can grant your boss read-only access to just the main relevant monitors or a third party to the monitoring data on those services that they provide. Access can be granted both on a fine-grained group level as well as for a whole account. The invited users do not need to pay seperately for their account.

Invite other users to your monitoring dashboard reports

Combine Client Accounts In One Dashboard

If you are a service provider, you can set up a seperate Observu account for each client. You can then grant read and/or write access to your own Observu account and combine the results of all monitors into your own dashboard. This will prevent you from missing out on your client status, without the need to lock them in to your own account. The Observu dashboard can easily display 100 or more monitors without getting crowded.

Alternatively, if your clients do not require their own accounts, you can still grant each of them read-only access to their own group of monitors, without interfering with your other clients.

Multiple Contacts

Besides granting access to multiple guest users, which is available on the plus account level, all Observu accounts support setting up monitoring notifications by E-mail/SMS/Phone/Twitter in a fine grained way. So even if you don't want to grant someone full access to your reports, they can be kept in the loop in case issues arise on your website, server or API.

Observu website and server monitoring plans start at only $6.95 a month. Of course you can try it for free, for 14 days! (No Creditcard Required)

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