Installing the Observu Server Agent

The Observu Server Monitoring Agent collects information on your server. To do so, it needs to be installed as a daemon (service) onto the server(s) you want to monitor. Currently this daemon supports Debian and Fedora based Linux distributions.

To install the script we recommend the following steps from a shell:

> wget 
> chmod 700
> ./

This should install the daemon and prompt you for details to let the daemon connect to the Observu servers. If you\'ve already created the monitor in the Observu monitring dashboard, you can immediately paste the API key in here, otherwise you can enter a monitor and service name, followed by your Observu username and password.

When properly installed, the daemon should list on the monitoring dashboard and start showing collected monitoring data within a few minutes.

Note: This installation procedure will automatically try to install dependencies and provides an interactive configuration tool. In case you do not like this, or are looking to automate installation, please have a look at the server cluster monitoring documentation.