Frequently Asked Questions

These questions and answers are related to using Observu, if you are looking for information to support a buying decision, please check out the product information page.

Can I receive notifcations on my phone?

Yes, you can either receive a SMS message, a phone call or a push notification in our app. Installing the app has the advantage to be able to immediately check if the issue is persisting and if anything else is also going on.

What platforms are supported for server monitoring?

The agent that collects information on your server is currently only available for Linux platforms.

For website availability monitoring, it does not matter which platform your server is running, as we only check from the outside. The same is true for submitting custom metrics through our API.

If you are interested in server monitoring on a currently unsupported platform or distribution, please let us know on our feedback forum.

How can I install server monitoring?

Please check out the agent installation documentation. If you are new to Observu in general, the best place to start is the Getting started guide.

Can I get my monitoring data out of your system?

Yes you can, our API provides listings of both raw monitoring data as well as derived data (events). Have a look at our API documentation.

Where do you monitor from?

Have a look at our list of availability monitoring locations

How can I contact you?

Please send an email to All emails will be answered by the Observu developers themselves.