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Observu Monitors Website Availability Continuously

To get ahead of your competition, you must know where you stand. For your website to take the lead, it cannot be unavailable or slow. Even with the best developers, hosting and operations, environments change contantly. You can't assume that what works today, will keep working tomorrow. Therefore it's critical to continuously track the vital signs of your website or API with the Observu website monitoring dashboard.

Measuring response time and availability of your most important website and API URLs is a very effective way to get a feel for the performance of your system as a whole and to know about significant disruptions in service. We also support to ping the server itself to monitor server/network availability at a lower level.

API, website availability monitor summary report

To give a few examples of issues that could happen:

  • The webserver software stopped serving requests, but did not crash
  • A misconfiguration on your server causes requests to be handled slow in case more traffic arrives
  • There is a slow database query, that makes your page render slowly only once in a while
  • Someone accidentally uploaded a wrong file with credentials, breaking the connection to the database
  • Not all services were restarted after a reboot for maintainance

All of these could result in an unresponsive website or an Internal Server Error being displayed to your user.

Of course, all of these cases could be prevented by manually checking the operation after any modification you made. However if you are in a hurry, mistakes start to happen and you may forget about checking all 30 website URLs after just fixing a typo in your configuration file. Therefore, Observu has your back, by continuously monitoring what you already know to be ok.

Even if factors are beyond your control, they may still require you to take action, by contacting customer support or informing your own users about the disruption.

Get Notified In Time

Monitoring Alert Timeline Observu allows you to set specific rules when to alert you and in which way. You can receive notifications in the Observu App, get an E-mail, SMS message or a phone call. All depending on severity and duration of the event.

Check Website From Multiple Locations

Every failure is one to many, but you may not need to know about all of them right away. Therefore Observu measures your servers, websites and APIs from Observu's multiple global server locations and you can choose to only get notified when the majority of our monitoring checks confirm the detected failure or warning level.

You can further customize this, by for example setting rules that you still want to receive a mail about issues that are only detected from 1 or 2 locations, but last longer than 10 or 20 minutes.

Observu provides all measured data in raw form as well, so you can see exactly which times and errors were recorded from which locations around the world.

Content and Data Checks

Of course you expect a response on every URL we request on your behalf and to see the error if we could not retrieve it. However, our checking goes beyond that: first of all we check the HTTP status code (you can customize which ones you regard valid). On top of that you can check for presence of a certain text, e.g. your company name or a specific text in the footer of your site. If that's not enough, we allow you to use regular expressions (regex) to test for more specific conditions, e.g. the presence of a phone number or e-mail address.

Our monitors also allow you to use regular expressions to scrape certain data, this data will than be collected as measurements on which you could set further rules. Maybe you list the amount of active users on your website, we can collect that and you can then set up a notification if it goes beyond a certain number.

Tailor Your HTTP Requests

Not all resources can be checked by just requesting the website or service URL and seeing if it responds. Therefore Observu offers several options to customize the HTTP request to your need. e.g. doing a request first to log in to your website and then checking a page that requires that login. Other options include submitting form data using a POST request, sending specific HTTP headers to honour an API specification

Observu allows you to preview the response first so you don't have to wait for new data every time you make a change.

Read more about specific applications of these options in our API Monitoring Case


Monitoring For Business Owners

Monitor website availability and response times as a first step to improve quality of service. Quickly generate uptime reports.

For Digital Agencies

Prevent annoyed customers calling by acting immediately to every disruption. Grant each customer read-only access to their reports.

For Admins

Get notified right away or have the monitoring status dashboard open permanently in the background, like you would with your webmail.

For Developers

Use the powers of hindsight to find out what happened. Use the API to report on your own metrics and compare it with other system statistics or API monitoring data.

Graphing, historical data, majority voting, notifications are all included after setting up your monitors.

For Support Staff

With a central place for website uptime and event information, it's much easier to respond accurately to customer complaints. Nothing more embarrassing than a client telling you, your service is down.

Observu website and server monitoring plans start at only $6.95 a month. Of course you can try it for free, for 14 days! (No Creditcard Required)

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