Monitor Your Webpage From A Real Browser

  • Monitor page load time, including images and JavaScript
  • Uses a real (webkit) browser
  • Check for missing images, CSS and JavaScript resources
  • Continuously check for JavaScript errors

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Measure The Page Load Times On Your Website

In addition to our standard website availability monitoring and response time monitoring, we offer you a real browser full page monitoring tool to gain insight in page load times as experienced by your website users. What is the use of fast software and server if your user is still waiting for a 3rd party advertisement before your site shows any content?

This type of detailed website monitoring will load all webpage resources, including images, icons, CSS and JavaScript files as well as asynchronous AJAX requests. By doing this at a regular interval (every 15 minutes) it's easy to spot degradation in website performance due to external resources or server problems. It is an excellent way to monitor your full service health as experienced by the end-user.

real webpage resource and page load time diagram

Using a graphical waterfall-like representation, it's easy to spot which requests are blocking others from happening and which ones just take a long time. This will provide valuable information about your website to your developers to consider alternative optimization strategies: compression, minification, reduction of the number of images, etc.

Besides providing insight in page loading time, this website monitor will also report on client-side JavaScript errors as well as missing resources like a JavaScript include that no longer exists or a broken image. This is especially valuable if you include 3rd party resources that you do not control.

Get Notified About On-Page Errors

Like with all Observu Monitors you can get alerted by e-mail/SMS/phone when an error occurs. You can get alerted about:

  • Missing images
  • Slow total page loading time (the time that it takes for the user to actually see your page)
  • Missing JavaScript files
  • Missing CSS files
  • On-page JavaScript errors
  • Page load errors (e.g. timeouts, DNS issues, HTTP status error codes such as Internal Server Errors)

To prevent alerts on every 3rd party image fluke you can wait for errors to occur a few times before sending you an e-mail.


Monitoring For Business Owners

Monitor website uptime and response times as a first step to improve quality of service.

For Admins

Get notified right away or have the monitoring status dashboard open permanently in the background, like you would with your webmail.

For Developers

Use the powers of hindsight to find out what happened. Use the API to report on your own metrics and compare it with other system statistics or API monitoring data.

Graphing, historical data, majority voting, notifications are all included after setting up your monitors.

For Support Staff

With a central place for uptime and event information, it's much easier to respond accurately to customer complaints. Nothing more embarrassing than a client telling you, your service is down.

Observu website and server monitoring plans start at only $6.95 a month. Of course you can try it for free, for 14 days! (No Creditcard Required)

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